Ethics... Etika bukan Etiqa Insurans

Being someone’s personal assistant a.k.a PA (thank you babe for giving me this opportunity) involves a lot of thing like emails, questions, attitude, discipline, and also ethics. Many of us neglected a few things when dealing with someone’s PA or even your own PA. Right now, I’m currently helping my best friend setting up her “baby” which I will introduce to you soon. Helping out here means I become her PA some sort of like being her PR too. Its a good thing you know. Its not only benefit my best friend, but mostly it benefits me. 

The one thing that I realized is about ETHICS. You may find it simple and common but if you don’t exercise this in your daily life, people will tend to misinterpret you especially ETHICS in writing emails. I found out that even he/she is the PA of so called famous artists, just because of her/his ETHICS, the artists will be blamed. See, nampak macam simple kan tapi ramai yang ambil mudah perkara macam ni.

For example, when you are using emails to communicate with your customers/people who want your service, you must have ETHICS. Takkan la masuk rumah orang sesuka hati slumber badak je kan... Of course kena ada etika. Greet, bagi salam, and kalau takda orang tak perlu la nak pecah masuk rumah orang tu. Sama juga dengan email. Kalau ye pun setuju dengan proposal ke atau quotation yang diberikan takkan la terus nak reply “yes, I’m interested”. Hoi, mukadimah nye mana??? Kena la ada hubung kait dengan email yang hendak direply tu. Ni terus jawab sepatah macam tu gaya macam nak berhentikan perbualan. 

If you are interested, make it an interesting conversation between two parties. Kalau tak minat pun silalah reply. Jangan buat orang berharap. Just type “ Dear Ms/Ms DOTDOT, sorry to inform you that we are not interested to participate in you event right now. Hope we can co-operate in the next next event InsyaAllah.” Done. Bila orang baca pun takda la patah hati sangat. Sejuk je baca.

Ending pun kena la ada. Takkan la ada mukadimah penutup takde. Kita makan pun ada starter and dessert kan? Betul tak? So, when you want to end up and send your email, just write it like this “ Hope you can make appearance during our grand opening. Really appreciate your co-operation. Waiting for your kind feedback. Thank you”. Settle. Orang berbudi, kita berbahasa, orang memberi, kita merasa. Tak gitu? 

P/s : salam dari semangat makan pengat tak penat penat. #peace
P/s lagi : Nuffnang please give extra motivation to this blog... #kachingkaching


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