Allah swt is the One Who Tests You

"Sometimes you look at your children, especially when they are loud, active and cranky, and totally embarrass you in public at times, and then you look at other people quiet and orderly children, you just wish your child is like theirs, right?

- Wrong.

Every child has their own temperaments and moods. If you have deep faith in Allah, then you remember that nothing happens without His Will. It could be that Allah had planned your child to misbehave in public, to scream and throw a tantrum, because He knows that ONLY you, (yes YOU!) have the immense patience and wisdom to handle them. It's not your children who test you, but Allah is the One who tests you.

There are no perfect kids, because only He is Perfect. Just because your kid acts up in one or two occasions, it does not means he's not as good as other kids. They do have their good and bad days too, just like us. Don't let one or two incidences affect your love for your child. Remember that raising kids is a divine journey, not a destination. People have seen how active mischievous kids grow up to be fine adults. Don't worry, and don't attach your pride or self-worth on your children's behaviors.

Remember that if you are chosen to parent His Creations who happen to have difficult temperaments, then He is actually raising your status in your parenting journey with your patience and du'a. Just remember, don't let others' judgments, comparisons and comments affect you.

Because He tests you differently from them, so just focus on treating your children with the best love as possible. They need you most."

- Admin, Umm Anissa, Med.

p/s : A soft-reminder for me and my family too....


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