Further eliminate bacteria & germs around u with #DettolNoTouch Hand Wash System. Take no chances!

Everyday in our daily life, germs and bacteria will always be around us.We just don't see them with our naked eye. Even when we wash our hand properly before eating, germs and bacteria can still be with us. But, with Dettol's new No Touch Hand Wash System, bacteria can be eliminated because your hand will never need to touch the dispenser while they're dirty.

Not only that, with the special edition Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System with decorative stickers of Flippy, a penguin an Hoofy, a zebra will be made available in local supermarkets and hypermarkets to make washing hands more fun for kids, so watch out for it!

The fun is not limited to kids only because Flippy and Hoofy are on their mission to wash their hands with the No Touch Hand Wash System on Dettol's Facebook Page.

Join them with their quest for cleanliness, and you could stand the chance to win an ipad2 and other great prizes.


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